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damn that sexy beast did me up the ass and i jazzed all over ...js i love u btw
when does my bum stop hurting talia
by i am up the bum May 22, 2011
A girl that gets banned from BP and Knights Market. Talias are usually found on the corners in town, or with their ancient boyfriends.
Her boyfriend is as old as my grandpa! That must be talia!
by BenDoverandDoverandDover April 18, 2011
Flakey; lacking in perseverance or self-confidence
Boy: I mean I would be HAPPY to edit crap if Talia didnt stop halfway through and be like LOL NOPE. So flakey haha.
Girl: wow lol that is.. yep. Talia.
Boy: Exactly its just Talia...Her name should be the deffinition of flakey.
by Tri-Five August 04, 2011
A succubus who will break your heart and watch you crumble to pieces without a word. She will pretend to love you and then kick you to the curb after a vacation. She is a vile creature that should be avoided like the plague. If one does fall in love with this creature do yourself a favor and just jump off a cliff
somewhere in texas is where this "Talia" lurks
by tater29 April 04, 2011
a blue mongoose infection that attacks the fingers. Your fingers turn blue but they still work
I have a talia infection
by alyoup13 May 10, 2010
person who only looks sweet and innocent...typically blonde
She is such a Talia! All the teachers love her...
by Sarah May 29, 2004