One who enjoys long walks on the beach, tends to twerk while intoxicated and has a history of repeatedly pissing in public places when under the influence. Her favorite past times include going batshit crazy (only on Wednesdays), stealing cars (specifically infinities) while under duress, and dry humping the periodic parked car in the local neighborhood with her partners in crime. Her most admirable attribute is the fact that she has no soul. Well, she use to, but a bunch of rude assholes fucking crushed that shit for her a long time ago. But fuck it, who needs emotions anyway?
Amanda: Do you see those drunk chicks flipping out and singing at the top of their lungs across the street in the dark? Wait... is that one chick humping that car??

Hears the words yelled, "DRIP DRY!!!!"

Jeni: Why, of course! There's nothing wrong with them. They're just pulling a Talia!
by M0T0RM0UTH September 13, 2014
damn that sexy beast did me up the ass and i jazzed all over ...js i love u btw
when does my bum stop hurting talia
by i am up the bum May 22, 2011
person who only looks sweet and innocent...typically blonde
She is such a Talia! All the teachers love her...
by Sarah May 29, 2004

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