An awesome girl who's crazy and nice and invited to all my parties. She may also be described as well girl. She enjoyes being a potatoe and eating her own kind.
Omg, did that potatoe just move?! It must be a Talia.
by meag1591 February 29, 2012
Top Definition
A beautiful girl who can make anyone smile and brighten up there days just by hearing hear laugh or seeing her smile. You would b lost without this girl if you ever went out with her
that girl is so talia
by Keegybear February 03, 2004
A sweet loving girl who loves to talk and to make other people laugh. She is shy around people that she doesn't know but is crazy when she is around her friends. She also does very well in school and try's to exceede and get good grades. She is someone who you cannot live without. Once you meet her, you would want to stay with her.
Talia is such a smart person! No wonder the teachers all love her!
by weslover February 28, 2009
tal-EE-uh- A comedic muse; a Goddess of ancient times. One who can make any person laugh and lift all spirits.
OMG did you see that performance last night? She was as funny as a Talia! I SWEAR IT!
by carmellabella December 27, 2008
perfect, amazing, wonderful, greatest in the world
Mom, i got a talia score on my math test!
by luckiest person in the world October 28, 2010
Meaning: Morning Dew(Hebrew)
pronounced: "Tahlee-yah" or "tah-LEE-yah"

This name is most related to Talia Shire, the lead female in the "Rocky" movies, who drowned when out on her boat. Also the name of a popular Mexican Singer.
"Didn't Talia sing with Fat Joe?"
by SwtMsT June 01, 2005
Quirky, fun, innocent, hilarious. Misunderstood ALL the time. if you get to know her you'll spend the rest of your life how you've lived without her. Always likes to brighten up people's day. Don't be a bitch to her. She sometimes has a hard time fitting in because of how naive she is. But once she's with the right people, she's a frickin firecracker! Funniest person in the room, bubbly and likes to dance (Only if she feels REALLY comfortable with you) Gorgeous, but will never realize it, great at most sports, fit, talented and smart. Sucks at math. Can't even utter a single word around the guy she likes and stands there and giggles like a babbling fool. Gets teased all the time because she is found "weird and try-hardy" by the people who don't know her. Great with adults. Super kind, but procrastinates a lot.
"Talia just lights up the room when she walks in!"
by BRIGHTIE January 12, 2013
A girl who can make anyone smile and brighten up there days just by hearing her laugh or seeing her smile. Typical blonde. She is someone who you cannot live without. Once you meet her, you world is turned around into laughs.
That girl is so Talia.
by caramatty July 23, 2010
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