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The first HD Tales game, initially released as a 360 "exclusive" but of course Namco releases a better, updated version with a bunch of new shit for the PS3 a year later.

An awesome fucking game. Easily better than the good-but-still-overrated Tales of Symphonia, though maybe not better than the awesome-but-unfortunately-underrated Tales of the Abyss.

An anime movie is being released in Japan late-2009/early-2010, by the studio Production IG, who also do all the anime cutscenes for Tales series games. It will be a prequel, featuring the life of protagonist Yuri Lowell before the events of Tales of Vesperia.

A game that singlehandedly sold out Xbox 360s.... in Japan.

Also, Yuri Lowell is the best fucking Tales protagonist EVAR. Finally, a main character who isn't a whiny little bitch and who radiates badassedness.

ALSO, Rita Mordio wins the award for favorite Tales tsundere mage.

*ALSO*, Tales of Vesperia, since I can't submit this definition otherwise.

Also, cocks.
by TalesWinnar July 15, 2009
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