A simple rock band with semi-complex lyrics, an unoriginal instrumental sound, yet unique lyrical composition. Tending to repeat phrases coined by them truely, the band has been named emo, although they are nothing close to it. They have been unfortunate enough as to have been considered an 'emo-clone', coined 'emo' by some lame know-it-all somewhere who hadn't heard the term since the late 80's or early 90's, and thought they'd have a good time making up an incredibly irrevelant definition to an uncommon word. That being said, Taking Back Sunday is simply a rock band, and nothing more. Not emo, punk-rock, or pop-rock. Just rock at its simplest. Mainstream all the same, soon to be another MTV band since they signed with a major record label, after a successful run on Victory Records and the Vans Warped Tour. There's no denying, the band has talent, and deserve the success coming to them in the near future.
Taking Back Sunday is a rock band from Long Island, New York.
by Beccaroo December 09, 2005
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Adam, Eddie, Mark, Matt, Fred.
5 awesome guys that make up a kickass band called Taking Back Sunday.
Tell All Your Friends
by RAWR August 25, 2003
The act in which one, once again, seizes Sunday
"Hey, Buddy. There is another Crusade upon us!" "And what will that be?" "Taking back Sunday!"
by tax0r March 06, 2005
A kick ass band with lyrical and musical talent (even without John) and an awesome live show you wont forget
"So scream I heard about your message and how it reeks of your indifference"
by Holy Hand Grenade June 20, 2004
despite the labels and stereotypes taking back sunday has been pushed into, they are still amazing. first cd was better but yeah. an amazing band with amazing lyrics.
you: "teeehhehe i luv taking back sunday their so em0!1!"

me: "stfu"
by another label June 20, 2005
The best f***in band on the face of the earth..and by the way ive seen them live and they definitely DO NOT suck like this other person said. ROCK ON TAKING BACK SUNDAY
Taking Back Sunday is a cool band.
by a smart brunette October 05, 2003
A band out of long island new york, not as good as they once were, but still damn good, pretty much the poster child for 'emo' at this point, really havent sold out since they arent on TRL for god sakes, and the most that they show up on is some Rock countdown late at night on MTV 2 or Fuse
'Kid: Man Taking Back Sunday sucks, they sold out like Atreyu'

'Me: Is that the thing to do now, hate certain bands ? fuck you, you stupid ass scene kid'
by Jawad March 01, 2005
taking back sunday is a kick ass band! consists of very talented young men and fuck you all of you who dis them because obviously you have your head to far up your fucking ass to see that taking back sunday is a great band!
taking back sunday is a kick ass band!

youre begging for a way to gracefully bow out and say good night
by Justiney June 20, 2003
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