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Taishan is a coastal city in the Canton Province bordering famous Foshan, a city known for Wing Chun Kung Fu. Taishan is known for having many immigrants throughtout the world. There is an estimated 1.2 million Taishanese people outside of Taishan with an estimate of 1 million in the city itself.

Some stereotypes of Taishanese people are that they are dirty, hard-working, extremely strong, and own some Carry-Outs.

The Truth Is, They Are True To Some Extent. Reality is though, We Have The Hottest Bitches Alive.
American Man: Hey Can I Get Your Number Tight Cunt Asian?

Taishanese Girl: (Shocked)

Taishanese Man: Watch Your Mouth You White Man!

American Man: Hey, Do You Speak ENGRISH?

Taishanese Man: Bitch Please

Fight Ensues

Taishan Man: Suck My Wang White Man, Look Who Biggie Smalls in Your Mouth Now
by ChinkNigga September 09, 2010

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