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A man, usually of the Pakistani background, is a rare breed of men who is very attractive, intelligent and in addition posesses great talent in many different things; as result he is envied by many.
Damn, why couldn't I have been taimoor?
by Jenni Clark August 23, 2006
A Pimp/Mack Daddy of the Pakistani sort, who gets a lot of pleasure from women.
That guys a Taimoor. She got tired before he did.
by Dat Dude 2 July 24, 2005
The phrase 'sexiest man alive' is created to define Taimoor, it was realised that no other term was quite as unequivocally correct.

Taimoor is believed to be the most perfect specimen to ever walked on planet earth. Some considered him to be vain, but I would be too if I looked like Jesus sliding down the rainbow to get to a magical pot of sexiness.

Legend says that he is a sex god from the planet Sexurus.

If someone say they wouldn't bang Taimoor (regardless of their sexuality) then they are probably lying.
Taimoor is the desire of all women who lives solely for hedonistic pleasure only.
He truly is an Undeniable Sex God.
Emma: Holy fucking shit, who was that guy
Isabella: He looked like a man out of legend, so sexy it's unreal, he is Taimoor.
Emma: TAIMOOR, how can we be so sure.
Isabella: It is said that looking at Taimoor can send you into multiple orgasm.
by Truth teller 123 December 16, 2013
A taimoor is a rare specimen native to the land of pakistan. A taimoor is an unusually lanky man with oaf-like qualities and garbage bin sized hands. Taimoors on the whole hav a fetish for muscular, mono-browed russian women similar 2 those found in the hit movie dodgeball. Not only this, but taimoors are also unusually uncoordinated and fall over often.
don't mind him, he's a taimoor. That guy staring at a muscular, mono-browed russian women, what a taimoor.
by slopppyyyy September 15, 2005
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