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Taiwanese who were born in recent decades who are influenced by western and japanese styles and have resulted in a distinct style of clothing and taste in music. This style ironically appears like lower class citizens characterized by large logos, sandals, collared shirts made of cheap materials and rolling up a cigarette box in the sleeve of their t-shirts. Tai Ke are often not highly educated. They like to pimp their cars and dye their hair. They squat when they smoke and like to chew betel nut. They drink beer and eat peanuts in a park instead of going to a pub. They like to dance to techno music wearing white gloves. The literal translation is "Taiwanese guest." The female version is Tai-Mei.
1. David is so tai ke, look at his rotten teeth from chewing all that betel nut.

2.Johnny is one of the many tai ke in Kaohsiung City.
by Melissa and Daniel April 23, 2008
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