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When one man squatted above another man who is upside-down, on his shoulders, and is facing 180 degrees away from the other, puts each of their respective cock's in the opposing man's asshole and then begins to rotate in a circular motion whilst hopping up and down. This is a Tahitian Twist.

The Tahitian Twist is estimated to have been developed between AD 300 and 800 when early cock-loving Polynesians settled in Tahiti and wanted to claim man cock & ass for their own. Many methods were tried and failed but the Tahitian Twist prevailed and is still in practice by many homo-sexual civilizations to this day.
This lemonade tastes excellent and the grapes are delicious, if I didn't fuck goats I would tackle you into a Tahitian Twist! *slurps goat cock*
#tahitian twist #twist #tahitian #tahiti #fag #homo #cock #balls #asshole #ass
by -Anti- April 30, 2008
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