Top Definition
spume, manfat, cum.
A chaps ejaculate: sperm
Sandra: Fuckin hell Jeff, you've squirted your taddies right in my eye!
Jeff: Ungh
Sandra: Fuck that stings.
by Brother Numpsy December 01, 2005
1."peppori" nips of a 2 inch diameter on a flat chested women

2. man tits that lacate

3. an expression of suprise

also see "bitch tits:
man brianna has some gnarly taddies
by jones mc abadon pants May 21, 2006
a gay hippy cud be eitha a boy or girl or both also used as an insult!
"omfg u taddy" or "dat taddy jst raped me"
by $$gangsta cam$$ August 28, 2006
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