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the point in a night of heavy drinking where one forces themselves or chooses to throw up in order feel well enough to continue drinking and keep up with the nights festivities
-usually done after large amounts of drinking for example finishing a case in a night followed by several shots
done at least once in every college students life
Drunk Friend 1: "I feel like shit. No one should ever drink this much"
Drunk Friend 2: "Go take a tactical vomit so we can go to the bars and keep drinking cuz our night is not ending here."
by tigerbloodwinner May 02, 2011
A self-forced vomit when one forcefully purges himself after drinking heavily so that he will be able to have sexual intercourse with his bootycall/any girl and avoid vomiting all over her in the middle of intercourse.
Alex: Bro, Katie just texted me to come over.. but I'm so fucked up I think I will be too nauseated to fuck her.. I might puke all over her...

Josh: Dude, just have a tactical vomit and go tear that pussy apart!
by Josh Crank May 26, 2011
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