The 3rd largest city in Washington and home of the Tacoma Rainiers a triple AAA afilliate of the Seattle Mariners. Has one of the highest rates of car theft in the country and a burgeoning meth problem (thats only shadowed by Spokane's). There are many museums in Tacoma including a native american exhibit and some odd ones like a viper and beard museum.
John Smith- Where ya from, holla?
Jane Doe- Spokane's cousin except with less class, culture, and population
John Smith- Ahhhh....Tacoma
by Malik 8 February 22, 2006
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Second largest city and urbanized area in the state of Washington. Largest port in the state. Currently experiencing a renaissance of its downtown area to give neighbouring city Seattle to the north a run for its money. Often joked about by Seattle but has much to offer. Aka, T-town.
Sim to Portland OR
by supstanance November 14, 2003
I like to call it the "Compton of Washington". Hooray!
Woman-Where are you from?
Man- Tacoma.
Woman- Oh I'm so sorry. Didn't that sherrif ki-
Man- Yup.
by Arthur of Tacoma July 05, 2006
Tacoma, Washington's undeveloped little brother. Home of the West coasts largest port, and also one of the nations highest public shooting rates. Home of Stadium High School, a high school that looks like a castle (refur to 10 things i hate about you) as well as five mile drive in lovely point defiance, which is mainly used to see how high you can get IN five miles. Has a weird smell as you cross 509 on a cold day. Beatiful area, except for Hilltop, which should be off limits to white people after dark (just for your protection). Tacoma, also rightfully refured to as Tacompton, as many upscale(and downscale) restruants and bars on its famed 6th ave. many historical events and buildings are in the area. I love this town you are close to the mountains and the water, you can go surfing and snowboarding in the same day.
Tacoma:Large city in Washington state south of Seattle.
Man 1: hey are you going to the mall today?
Man 2: na i wouldnt go there today, my buddy is going to shot it up today.
Man 1: o ok, well then, you want to go to school?
Man 2: i wouldnt do that either, i hear some asian is looking for some dude there.
Man 1: ok, your not leaving me with a bunch of options
Man 2: how about we just do some meth, steal a car and drive through five mile drive?
Man 1: DEAL!
by Dejay73 July 10, 2008
Greatest city in the history of the world. Any person who grew up there will tell you that it's got a small-town feel with big city amenities. It doesn't barely smell at all, and hey, I've never been shot. Cut it a break once in a while.
"Where are you moving to?"
"Oh - are you packing your gun with you? Ha ha ha. Oh man, I'm so funny."
"Yeah, you keep think that Seattle is God's gift to hobos, okay?"
by Nicoliolioli July 10, 2008
1. a city in washington state. its fucking chill-ass town.

2. a badass truck made by toyota that can take heavy abuse.
"tacoma is an awesome town. right next to the beautiful puget sound, with the majestic coast ranges as a backdrop."

"my 4x4 taco will climb those coast ranges no problem."
by imma sexy maddabitch January 14, 2010
Often confused as the second largest city in the state of Washington. See spokane
Rob was born in Tacoma but raised in Spokane; two cities that struggle for rank, neither winners. This explains his identity crisis.
by Layne_Staley September 11, 2004
Also Known As The "Taco" AKA The Toyota Tacoma, Now The Most Popular And Durable Mid Size TRuck On The Planet
"Lets Get In The Tacoma And Go Find Some Mud Cuz You Know Them American Trucks Cant Handle It"
by Matt DC August 10, 2006
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