T.A.C.O'ed pronounced how its spelled-totally and completley owned.
(kid one)dude that kid just got f*** up

(kid two)ya he got T.A.C.O'ed
by T.A.C.O'ed May 09, 2009
Top Definition
Bent, Broken, Deformed, Messed up Beyond Recognition. Anything that's fucked up.
That guy is Tacoed
by page0109 March 23, 2004
Bent bicycle wheel.
I came off a curb and tacoed my wheel.
by oldbiker January 08, 2010
1. Getting bent in half.
2. Getting destroyed by another team in a game usually involving two or more players beating on a single enemy.
You guys got tacoed.
by Tacoer July 09, 2013
The female version of tea-bagging
When Mike fell asleep, she went over and tacoed him!
by OliverNCompany August 23, 2010
Getting Shitfaced then hitting up Taco Bell for fourth meal.
Guy 1: What are you doing tonight?
Guy 2: Nothing, why?
Guy 1: Want to go get Tacoed?
Guy 2: If you're buying!
by Barnabyj August 17, 2010
to defeat a team in a home court advantage with the home team score 100+ and the visiting team less than 100; Ex. Staple Center and the Los Angeles Lakers
The Lakers Tacoed Cleveland 105-88.
by Lakerfan88 February 26, 2009
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