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The intense uncontrollable desire to consume tacos, someone with taco fever will do anything to obtain tacos, and are to be regarded as; Highly Dangerous And in extreme cases play Taco Fever 2(TF2).
P1. Hows Dylan?

P2. Oh, he hasn't been the same since he got Taco fever, after he ran out of money 7 taco joints have closed down.
P1. Can they stop him?
P2. No, He's gone on a taco rampage.
P1. Woah, I hope he gets better soon.
by Edeyz May 24, 2013
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when a black or white person likes a mexican
my best friends sisters cousin has taco fever
by tpzy August 30, 2006
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something you have, you spread, and your happy about! there is no set defition, only that its fun to say you have.
"hey, i woke up this morning, and i had a horrible case of TAco FEver!!!!" OR "I just gave myself a papercut, and now i have TAco FEver!!!!"
by pat whalen February 21, 2007
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