A fast food resturaunt that is currently being boycotted because they exploit the workers that pick thier tomatoes.
Me worka in fielda for taco bell! Me makea a penny and a halfa aday!
by Punk in Drublic December 08, 2003
Earth's most effective laxative! It's crappy, low quality mexican food that will have you squirting out fire in less than hour! Often consumed by poor people, college students and fatties as lunch or dinner.
Jose: Yo wanna go to taco bell?
Joe: Sure! I haven't taken a shit in 4 days, maybe it will help!
by Kzzfresh November 08, 2011
A species of mold usually found in cities and towns. There's many types of it, and they all give you diharrea, indigestion, nausea and rapid weight gain. They are usually found in big purple buildings or wrappers that say Taco Bell, they also have a bell on it.
Dave: My cousin just got a case of the Taco Bell
Mike: Dude that sucks, how long is it going to last?
Dave: I don't know, whenever they stop advertising on T.V.
by Rave Dot Buts July 01, 2009
A fast-food chain that will undoubtedly, within two hours, force you to spew Yoohoo out of your bung hole all over the wall, busting every vein in your butt-hole.
Tod: Yo let's go to Taco Bell!
Jim: Hellz yea man!
*2 hours later*
Jim: Aww man I don't feel too good...
*Jim runs to bathroom*
*Tod looks in*
Tod: Sweet Jesus... there's... SHIT. EVERYWHEREE!
by Mr. Shemp March 02, 2011
Mexican restaurant made famous and by a white guy. Notice the last word "bell" and mexicans are not in the commercials.
White Guy: I'd love the granday supreme.poor favor.
Mexican: Yo esay! Will that complete your order?(under breath)pinche gringo.
by Jack April 22, 2005
A fast food restaurant with a menu loosely based on Tex-Mex cuisine. Part of the Yum! group of restaurant brands. Features over sixty variations of menu items which midwesterners cannot pronounce, and can be customized to suit every taste with a variety of ingredients, yet customers cannot figure out why their orders are often wrong.
"Taco Bell (location name), (manager) speaking, how can I help you?"

"I just came through the drive thru and you guys messed up my $40 order. I don't understand why this happens every time! I made special requests for every item!"
by Caitster July 10, 2008
Without this place, us drunks would starve to death at 2 AM in the morning.
After drinking a whole case of beer I decided to curve my hunger at Taco Bell
by mrkb September 13, 2006

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