a woman's mighty clitoris
Yo quiero taco bell!!
by CFlynn December 20, 2005
A female (or male) that is of a Mexican or Latino background
"Gwen you don't want Ethan to get back with that taco bell do you?"
by madam_pyro February 28, 2005
The most rapcore place on the planet
we brought the rapcore food home from the most rapcore place on the planet (taco bell). i got cinnamon bits
by ted f mahurgen November 27, 2005
Michael Jackson's favorite fast food joint.
by Eric Hartman July 12, 2003
female reproductive organ that when smelled by man or beast causes severe headache and nausea.
when i smelled her vagina the smell caused my head to hurt as if someone tied me up under a huge bell and began to wail upon it.
by steve August 05, 2003
The reason I have 3,000 sauce packets in my drawer
Hey will you pass me a spoon from the drawer?

Only thing here is Taco Bell hot sauce.
by kirin thunder May 21, 2015

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