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To become irate and borderline belligerent over something that cannot be changed, controlled or rectified.
"Cathy went Taco Bell on the waiter when she found out that there wasn't a table available near a window."
by J.E. Webster April 30, 2013
Taco Bell=TB=Tuberculosis. Think about it.

This fast food franchise may also be linked to the television channel TBS, suspected to stand for Taco Bell Syndrome. This is, however, unconfirmed.
Richard: I could really use some TB right now.
Jeremiah: You want tuberculosis??
Richard: Nah, Taco Bell, man!


Kimberly: I wonder what's on Taco Bell Syndrome tonight...
Brenda: That's a great question. I hear their shows are very funny.
by letsgetinformed July 09, 2010
A fast food joint where the people working their arent teens like the ones that work at the other fast food joints but old people.
Kid #1: "Dude working at a fast food restaurant like when your in high school is cool but not when your 37"

Kid #2: "Yea Taco Bell is where failures work"
by bananapeelz July 12, 2009
1) A phreaking group who are a spin off of the Bell phone company.
2) A popular fast food chain with nice chicken quesadilla.
1) "Dude, I'm a member of Taco Bell."
2) "Dude, there's a Taco Bell there, wanna go get some lunch?"
by Soiled Undergarment August 13, 2003
Fast food place mainly dealing with Tacos.
Don't eat at Pepe's or Taco Bell, because they put Puppy chow in the tacos.
by Saints October 12, 2003
secret name for going to burn a jay
tryin to go to taco bell
by bolk lewis March 16, 2008
Great place to meer illegal imigrants. (Delicious food.)
i met my mexican wife at taco bell
by boo yaa tonka twist April 18, 2006