Taco Bell is a pseudo-Mexican restaurant for people who could care less about quality food. Do they even use real cheese and beef in their tacos?

Food-borne illness is a hallmark of Taco Bell and has been for years.(Their hygiene practices are so bad, I wouldn't touch that place with a 10-foot pole.) That said, I've gotten sick more times than I would care to admit.
Word to the wise: Don't eat at Taco Bell, or you'll turn into a Gordita.
by Tagman77 June 22, 2005
The closest thing to authentic Mexican food if you don't live in the Southwestern U.S. Although being fast food, it is way better than other major chains such as McDonald's.
Mexican restaurants in the Midwest don't know shit about Mexican food. Let's go to Taco Bell instead.
by Dr. Atomic December 04, 2004
Fast food place mainly dealing with Tacos.
Don't eat at Pepe's or Taco Bell, because they put Puppy chow in the tacos.
by Saints October 12, 2003
The place where Rummy and Dick Cheney shoulda looked for Weapons of Ass Destruction.
Oh my God, I just ate a grilled STUFT burrito, now I'm pissing liquid uranium out my asshole and melting the porcelain of my toilet. HELP!
by The Jigga Man March 07, 2005
1) A phreaking group who are a spin off of the Bell phone company.
2) A popular fast food chain with nice chicken quesadilla.
1) "Dude, I'm a member of Taco Bell."
2) "Dude, there's a Taco Bell there, wanna go get some lunch?"
by Soiled Undergarment August 13, 2003
To become irate and borderline belligerent over something that cannot be changed, controlled or rectified.
"Cathy went Taco Bell on the waiter when she found out that there wasn't a table available near a window."
by J.E. Webster April 30, 2013
An excuse for a mexican restaurant from the outside and a secret biological weapons lab on the inside. Ever wonder why they call dat beef GROUND BEEF? Ever wonder what they put in your ZESTY CHICKEN Booowl? Yea nigga taco bell is headed by Al Quaeda in collab with the mexicans tryin to take over our fiiine country.. dont let em do it! Shoot the Chalupas!
"Yo dogg let's go shoot up some Mild Sauce at Taco Bell!"
"Nigga's you trippin? Let's go do a drive-by on dem bitches from the drive-thru"
by Skeet 4 Life December 04, 2005
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