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Another name for pussy, usually having to do with eating pussy.
Nathan: Mmm... I could really go for some tacos right now...
Stan: Yeah, me too...
Stan's little sister, Nikki: That sounds good!
**Stan and Nathan crack up**
(true story)
by MizMulenko May 31, 2004
A cereal with meat, cheese & lettuce flavored O's in a tortilla bowl. It even makes the milk taste like tacos!
Harry: "I'll haaaave the tacooooos pleaaaaase"
Louis: "Harry!"
Harry: "Whaaat?"
Louis: "Tacos are not for breakfast!"
Harry: "Theyyyyy aaaare noooow! Introducinggg Tac-O's"
by louthrowsherbet July 06, 2012
Another word for pussy or a females vagina. Mainly used in a sexual sense.
I loved eatin her taco last night
by M4r|n35n|p3r December 07, 2008
its a type of mexican food. if you want a real taco, go to a taco truck. its served with peppers, beef, a small tortilla, and hot sauce yum. dont go to taco bell though. they make fake ass tacos.
damn that was a hella good taco im so glad we went to that taco truck instead of fake ass taco bell those bitches
by bethanie July 02, 2007
let's go get taco
by tacoland20 April 10, 2010
another name for a vagina.
dude! i ate the largest taco last night!
by y0ujus7g0tpwned March 24, 2009
FOOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a mexican food witch is a tortia filled with meat,sour cream,cheese,and green lettus
i love food like tacos and boritos
i love food like tacos and boritos
i love food like tacos and boritos
by tj January 05, 2005