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1. n. Someone who will most likely steal your taco(s). Possibly a little bitch, not as cool as a taco yeti. Smells of rotten cheese. Rumored to live in Ohio.

2. (Myth) Steals tacos from bad children, and drinks the blood of orphaned children.
Oh, Shit it's the Taco Witch! Go get the fuck out shes going to steal my taco(s).

Jill is such a fucking taco witch. Yesterday she kicked in my door, punched me in the face and then stole taco(s).

I was in a park in Cincinnati, my son was being bad so the taco witch came and stole his taco(s).

Jill comes to the orphanage about once a month and sucks the blood of the children, she's such a taco witch.
by Taco Yeti, the fucker of mouth April 11, 2009
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