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When a female is punched directly in the taco. The female version of getting racked.
Did you see that? Dick just dropped too one knee and did a double taco punch on Jane. She deserved tho she racked him hard.
by Sidnous May 02, 2010
An effective means of fighting a non-male; this involves puching a non-male directly in the vagina aka (taco)
Dude I was totally geting my ass kicked my Amanda untill i taco punched her. now all thats left is smoldering tampon.
by EL Markster February 09, 2011
the art of forcing a taco down an onry eaters' throat, in One Blow, While Yelling Ta-co Punch!
Damn kid won't eat his taco!

give him the taco punch!

by G.G.Fungus, Esquire February 21, 2011
While eating a girls taco, she punches you in the face.

The female variation of a reverse donkey punch.
Sara is so hot! Last night she taco punched me after doing body shots.
by eat my taco August 03, 2006