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One of the greatest tasting foods known to mankind. Don't let it's taste fool you. You'll be running for the toilet as soon as you wake up in the morning.
Mom: Why are you taking so long on the toilet?
Me: I had taco bell last night.
by 7zer0z August 26, 2012
The Event Of Smoking Weed! (code name of somoking weed)!
Taco Bell Times Too
by BELLO BELLO May 06, 2011
A slang for teens for marijuana most likely latino for consuming wrapped objects.
"Dude did you bring any taco bell"
by poo doo doo January 31, 2010
cure for a bad case of the munchies
taco bell cured my sickness
by mmm453654 October 23, 2009
A slang term for a male's testes, comparing the quality of the mans set of jewels to taco bell food.
Man... he had some gnarly lookin' taco bells!
by mamabearwhiskey April 23, 2009
A fast food resturaunt that is currently being boycotted because they exploit the workers that pick thier tomatoes.
Me worka in fielda for taco bell! Me makea a penny and a halfa aday!
by Punk in Drublic December 08, 2003
One who looks Mexican however is not.
Dewayne is taco bell. Just like taco bell food its called Mexican but is not.
Do you speak spanish? NO you are such a taco bell
by Nightmare Avalanche November 26, 2013