the best fuckin fast food restaurant with the best taco sauce. it also has a bomb ass desert known as a carmel apple empanada which is possibly better than the apple pie at mcdonalds. taco bell is also the #1 place to eat when you have the munchies.
(After smoking a blunt)
Bro im so faded, lets go eat some taco bell!
by Seanman809 July 12, 2007
1. King of all fast food
2. A food so good it defeats any fear of the possible ingredients
1. All bow before Taco Bell
2. Vegetarian: "Those tacoes are made out of monkey ass!"
Tacobellian: "That's some damn good monkey ass!!"
by fatywick756 March 30, 2006
a fast food restaurant that doesn't even exist in spain.
i dont know why some ppl think spainards eat taco bell all the time. taco bell is MEXICAN food, not spanish
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e December 22, 2005
Taco Bell is a pseudo-Mexican restaurant for people who could care less about quality food. Do they even use real cheese and beef in their tacos?

Food-borne illness is a hallmark of Taco Bell and has been for years.(Their hygiene practices are so bad, I wouldn't touch that place with a 10-foot pole.) That said, I've gotten sick more times than I would care to admit.
Word to the wise: Don't eat at Taco Bell, or you'll turn into a Gordita.
by Tagman77 June 22, 2005
The place where Rummy and Dick Cheney shoulda looked for Weapons of Ass Destruction.
Oh my God, I just ate a grilled STUFT burrito, now I'm pissing liquid uranium out my asshole and melting the porcelain of my toilet. HELP!
by The Jigga Man March 07, 2005
A place where you can get good Mexican food at a cheap price.
Taco Bell sells good shit, try it sometime
by claustrophobic chicken February 05, 2005
a fast food chain with mexican food instead of burgers and fries. ive never gotten the shits there, only really good food.
try the steak grilled stuft burrito.
by Dan January 18, 2005

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