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A Tabytha is an exceptional person. She IS the whole package. She’s funny, witty, intelligent, motivated, responsible, caring, loving, EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE, Sexy, Beautiful, bubbly, The BEST in bed, a goddess, every man’s dream- a bombshell- Addicting!! Girls often dislike her because she is so perfect. Every girl secretly wishes she was Tabytha. Once you’ve had a Tabytha you have had the best of the best and all other females just fall short. They are the most attractive people on earth. Best kissers you will ever find with the softest lips to match. Bangin Body & Gorgeous face. They are rough and tough on the outside but marsh mellows on the inside. There is no limit to the things they will do for the people they love. A Tabytha is the strongest person you will ever meet. They can be stubborn, but it’s usually when fighting for something they believe in. They are very generous, but do not be fooled. Mistake their kindness for weakness & you will be sorry. Tabytha has the most beautiful green eyes you will ever get the privilege of staring into. Tabytha’s are God’s gift to men both physically & mentally. Beauty & brains. Once a Tabytha let’s you in… Do EVERYTHING in your power to keep her. NO ONE COMPARES TO TABYTHA - Put a ring on it and don’t ever let her leave!
I can't stand her she's such a Tabytha and I can't ever compare to her.


I wish I was more like Tabytha
by PRWonderbread August 31, 2011
Is a great person who is fun, easy going and just the greatest ^_^
She is such a Tabytha.


she wishes she was more Tabytha...
by SDbeta February 03, 2010
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