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When an atheist is losing an argument with a Christian, the atheist will always accuse the Christian of joking or not being serious.
Christian: Stop dodging the question! We all know that, right down in your heart of hearts, all atheists secretly acknowledge Jesus as Lord and recognise that the Bible is 100% fact.
Atheist: I genuinely cannot believe that you just made such a f**king idiotic statement. Please tell me you're joking.
Christian: I call Tabor's Law on you! You know you can't defeat my arguments, so you're trying to claim I'm not being serious - the oldest trick in Satan's atheist handbook!
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by I heart Huckabee February 08, 2008
The corollary to Poe's Law. Poe's Law is invoked when a parody of fundamentalism is believable enough that it is taken as a legitimate example. Tabor's Law is invoked when bona fide fundamentalism is so outrageous that it is taken as parody.
I think Answers in Genesis is hilarious. For the longest time, I thought it was a parody site. That's Tabor's Law in action.
#poe's law #tabor #tabor's law #internet laws #parody #fundamentalism
by BibleBeliever3000 April 17, 2012
Some retarded phrase coined up by a trolling idiot.
"I call Tabor's Law on you!"

"Tabor's Law isn't an actual term, you idiot."


"Aw, did I upset you because of how stupid you are? Quickly, someone call the WAAAHHmbulance."
#bullshit #bull #shit #retarded #lulz #moron #christfag #troll
by The_Nobody February 28, 2008
A feeble attempt by inept Bible-humping Christians to claim victory. When someone with common sense points out their nonsense, a Bible-humper will say that pointing out the truth is like giving up. Anyone who isn't a gigantic dipshit can see the faulty in this, but Christians were never known for their logic.

If you see someone claiming Tabor's Law, they're a moron of epic proportions. Feel free to make fun of them and pee on their shoes.
"The Earth is flat because the Bible says so!"

"That's retarded, a little research will find that to be false."

"Tabor's Law, I win!"

"No, you're still a retard."

#tabor #internet laws #idiots #retards #christians #brownback
by Elephant Bones February 29, 2008
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