When you pick up the tab for someone and their simple request turns into a dozen expensive things.
"When we go to the bar and he picks up the tab he limits us to tap beer but when I pick up the tab he insists on getting $10 martinis."
"That us such tab abuse, tell his ass he can buy his own drinks."

A common tab abuse situation.
"I forgot my purse at home, will you buy me a pack of gum and maybe a pack of smokes?"
"Sweet! In that case, I also need another pack of smokes, two frozen pizzas, some chips, a six pack, a box of tampons, and a bottle of vodka...oh and some orange juice..."
by Brett Burkhardt May 12, 2008
Top Definition
Tab Abuse is when you are cross referecing information on the internet ,but are really engrossed when you find more info.You intend to come back to read that page.you start opening more tabs, multitasking tabs until you have so many open your internet explorer encounters a problem needs to shut down and you loose them all at once.
"WOW look at the bottom of my pc screen! There are so many tabs open that they have shortened in length to double over themselves."I think I have a problem,I am using tab abuse again,I have become tab abuser."
by munyuck February 02, 2009
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