Tragic Waste of Payroll. In a business, the empty suit, the person that contributes nothing to the firm and this firm would probably function much better if he/she were gone.
Does anyone know what Jim does in the company? If he were let go tomorrow, no one would notice I swear. A real TWOP.
#deadwood #empty suit #do nothing #slacker #occupier
by drichardhalifax November 25, 2011
1. An Italian-American woman's vagina. 2. An Italian-American woman or girl who acts like a cunt, used mainly by husbands/boyfriends/coworkers of same who gotta live/work/interact with them after calling them one.
My wife can act like such a "twop" when it comes to my buddies inviting me to a boys night out!
#bitch #cunt #hoochie #mamsita #jewis-american princess
by BETOloco October 07, 2005
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