the action of male masturbation
'I could do with a good Twonk tonight, my balls are like footballs.'

'Did she Twonk you off mate?'
by lezmcvag October 09, 2011
idiot, thick-head etc
James: i fink kelly o iz FIT

Tim: james, u r such a twonk!
by i iz kl May 25, 2005
A word often used to describe a object/person with swag. Another word for saying something is awesome; legit or downright cool.
McNeil volleyball is twonk.

Clinton: "dang those girls were so legit!"

Marcel: "yeah McNeil volleyball is twonk"
by Mcneil_istwonk October 11, 2012
to bang pots and pans together when your step-dad is drunk from too much christmas rum.
jim is twonking outside in the cold! mom, get him back inside before the neighbors call the police...!
by mary jane spam spiderman December 23, 2008
Slang word for a vagina.
"Shut up slag, show us your twonk!"
by Jon23 August 09, 2008
a term used for ex boyfriends who treated their girlfriends like shit. the girlfriend uses twonk as a way of reffering to him and expessing her rage for his dick'ead behaviour.
Megan:i hate my ex, hes such a twonk.
mel: tell me about it. atleast he wasnt as big a twonk as jack. ha
by megan r September 16, 2007
To slap a person round the face with your penis, usually followed by a teabag (dunking balls in an open mouth). The two together form the legendary TnT (twonk n teabag).
David came round to my house and shat on my bed so I twonked the bellend.
by dodfrig September 24, 2006

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