idiot, thick, dumbass, dips**t, dumb or anything else meaning someone who is stupid!
Teacher... Whats 5 times 6

10th year kid... Umm... 56...

Class mate... Its not 56 you twonk!!
by i iz kl May 25, 2005
A term used to define those 40-something men who decide that they like the feel of Lycra next to their skin whilst imagining they're Bradley Wiggins astride their Pinarellos and Cervelos as they cruise the lanes and byways of every county on a weekend. AKA cyclists or MAMIL's (Middle-aged men in Lycra)
Annabel was late for her luncheon appointment at the Nags Head. Upon arrival her chums quizzed her as to the lateness of her arrival and the beetroot-like complexion of her face. She replied "I've spent half a bloody hour stuck behind a dozen ghastly Twonks in their day-glo costumes on their Raleigh Choppers with absolutely no thought for us poor 4x4 drivers! I need a G&T times two and make it swift"
by Top Floor Geezer October 20, 2013
A person that is such an idiot that he has to have his own special name.
That fucking moron killed me on Battlefield 3. He is an absolute twonk.
by BlownTyre July 08, 2013
Derogitary term from the 90s, a cross between ploker and twit.

Used on Red Dwarf regularly in between 'SMEG' and SMEGHEAD'
- Dan: I just ran over a nun, what should I do?

- Kev: Dan you are such a twonk
by jessica987 December 18, 2011
an offensive name to someone whose being stupid
eric was being stupid, hes a right twonk
by Beccaroo May 27, 2005
An annoying or strange bastard
Alfonso is a fucking twonk
by Shaun Walker July 03, 2005
Somebody That Has Strange Or Idiotic Behaviour.
1: What Time You Coming Out
2: I Already Told You, You Twonkk
by Mason McEnery :) September 03, 2008

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