texting/ tweeting while fucking
On twitter:
#twf i hope she doesnt see me while im hittn from the back
by DeeezzDefs July 02, 2010
Internet slang for the way forward.
Digestive biscuits are clearly twf.
by scribbull January 22, 2008
"That wasn't funny"

"Your momma's so ugly that, uh, I threw up when I looked at her"

"TWF dude, TWF"

by kimwild July 14, 2008
Shortened version (intended for txt) of 'Totally want food'
Flip, I TWF right now!
by RuthlessWords May 14, 2011
TWF stands for The White Ferret which is a Harry Potter role-play site. Those that frequent the site are known as ferreters.
I spent all day on TWF and I didn't do my homework. I now have detention, thus keeping me off TWF for half an hour. What will I do?
by French Graffiti January 02, 2006
An abbreviation for "That Was Funny". Originally used to replace lol, the sensation with it died out. Invented by Morgan Brill, a frequenter of the Calibre forums.
Jon: Dude, I told Alex he fucked sheep!
Sam: twf
by Jon Kinney March 19, 2006
No problem understanding twf -
it is a very clear statement " that/this woman fucks "
A man speaking " twf " A woman speaking " twf "
by CriostoirHulme August 09, 2005

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