Tall White Boy
Kinky: I'm tall and I like TWBs!
Couga: I'm short, and I like TWBs too!
Kinky: Good, let's go find some TWBs at the bar and go Pajama Surfing!
by KinkyCougaTime June 04, 2012
The Wife Beater.
Anton is TWB.
by ToonArmyJames January 23, 2012
(n) Tasty white bitch; delicious lady of the Caucasian denomination.
1. I'm a slut for the exotic, but I also like a TWB once in a while.
2. Doug: Where the fuck is Dustin?
Brad: Oh, he ran off to a date with some TWB.
by ZlipperyZlope March 08, 2012
Typical White Boy
We are just a bunch of TWB's.
by Stipic July 18, 2008
team white boy
oh my god, shia is sooo TWB
what's TWB?
team white boy, duh.
by aliviarivera July 08, 2011
Taiwanese Brothers.
Not blood related, but both originating from Taiwan.
Peter and Jurgen are TWBs for life.
by fudownfall August 17, 2007

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