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TT stands for Team Tilt, the ever popular "heads" of the Full Tilt Poker operation. Members of the team are known for turn-rivering oponents who seem to have a monster on the flop. No mercy is taken, as these monsters dominate these online poker showdowns, stopping at nothing to win the prize. They in fact are nonhuman and actually are computer players operating under Full Tilt. They will be seen turn-rivering quads, hitting backdoor flushes, rivering got shot straights, and in effect leaving many poker players in bankruptcy.
Paul-Son i got screwed out of a $100 tourny last night..
Arif-What the hell happened, TTed again?
Paul-You dont even know man..you dont even know......
Arif-You sorry son of a bitch...
by mstapmp26 November 15, 2007