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Too turned up.
"Yea, I'm TTU, I'm too turned up!" As in Yung LA's song "TTU" in his "Batman and Robin" mixtape recorded with hip-hop artist J Futuristic.
by chys1514 February 01, 2010
Is an acronym for "Talk to you soon". Mainly used in text or instant message conversations.
1.(In an Instant Message conversation) "My mom's back, gotta go, ttus."

2. ttus!
by Jet738 June 27, 2006
Thank the universe.
Man, the world has me stressed lately; but I got wisdom from The Tao of Wu... TTU
by alchemamy January 27, 2014
Abbreviation for Torso 'Tween Us. The act of keeping the torso of a sexual mate between two other partners to avoid contact. Especially applicable to males not wanting inadvertent genital contact.

Spit roasting
Mike: Debbie is down for both of us but we definitely gonna have to TTU that.

Adam: No doubt! No sword fighting or ball banging required.
by Gil deTrieux October 25, 2013
Talk to you
Do you mind me giving you my phone number so we can chat when you have free space? No problem talking to you {ttu}
by ladywisdom July 26, 2010
Texas Tech University
The drop out rate would not be so high at TTU if you could get a degree for drinking beer.
by Ryan Cook August 31, 2005
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