Originally an acronym for "third tier toilet," denoting a college or university ranked at or below the third tier of exclusivity by U.S. News & World Report. The millenial private-SAT-tutor set who coined the term on internet discussion boards (notably Princeton Review) during the late 1990s -- and among whom its use remains largely confined -- considered attending a TTT to be beneath their dignity.

Usage of the noun form soon expanded to include any institution, person, locale, etc. deemed likewise lacking in prestige or desirability, particularly if owing to an association with the lower socioeconomic orders.

Adjective usage ascribes to the object the quality or state of being a TTT.
(n.) Midland County Vocational Academy of Agricultural Arts and Sciences -- that place is a TTT. I heard they don't even require any SAT IIs.

(n.) Walmart and Marquee are rancid TTTs, mostly because their patrons are TTTs.

(adj.) Carrying your shit to work in a Victoria's Secret shopping bag is very TTT; mostly fat hispanic secretaries do it.
by bugmenottt October 20, 2008
Top Definition
Schools ranked in third tier according to US News & World Report. Typically used by pre law students on the Princeton Review Board, board to refer to schools that they consider "beneath" them based on their LSAT/GPA scores.
Pace Law is a total TTT!
by Esquire March 27, 2005
Acronym : To The Top

This is mainly used in discussion boards where you bring your thread back up to the top so others may see it and can respond.
I have to ttt my thread since no one is replying
by alphafemale September 02, 2002
Trouble in Terrorist town, a Garry's Mod gamemode involving terrorists, traitors, innocents, and detectives.
Guy: Hey, want to play some TTT?
Guy 2: Aw hell yeah imma cut up some TRAITORS!
by Ignited Velocity July 22, 2010
toes tits and teeth. Used in dancing backstage, reminding everyone to smile, point there toes and to stick there chest out.
ok class, remember T.T.T as soon as you enter the stage
by SORY July 28, 2010
"That's the truth" Generally used aftere stating a fact or a given.
We're gonna be stuck in this traffic for hours, and ttt.
by anishboi May 31, 2011
Triple T (TTT) stands for "top tier tits." These are breasts that are in an elite class and cannot be beat. These are tits to die or kill for.
Damn! Check out the TTTs on that broad! She could smother me to death with those and I would die a happy man!
by Mikey Bibbles March 02, 2013
Acronym for "Things Take Time"

Of Norwegian origin via Ruud, a bit of folksy wisdom that gets used heavily by ladies with boyfriends who claim to be patient yet constantly try to accelerate the schedule. Commonly heard in Colorado, used mostly by EMTAF.
"Yes, I know I've been your EMTAF for over three days, but TTT, you know!"

"A full kiss will come later, one lip for now. TTT"

"Count yourself lucky I'm your Tine this year. TTT. In a year or two I might be your Valentine"
by jimbopueblo February 13, 2012
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