Used to describe law schools that rank in the lowest tier.
Literally, 4th tier toilet. Originating from, and even worse than, TTT (third tier toilet). See
At least I can use my degree from this TTTT to line the kitty litter box.
by TTTT "student" April 14, 2011
Top Definition
Too Tired To Type
Joe: You're not talking much.
Bob: Tttt
Joe: What?
Bob: I'm too tired to type. I'm going to bed. Night!
by Laroon March 17, 2012
used in txt and chat rooms.
TT.TT = cry/sad
kind of like :.(
person:ur cat just died.

by barana December 10, 2008
Too tired to text
Friend: hey whatcha up to??
You: about to fall asleep
Friend: lame! Well how was your day?
You: tttt
by Lyrical Miss August 12, 2014
TTTT or T T T T is an sms/text abbreviation which stands for "Too Tipsy To Type".
Widely used by people so tipsy or drunk, they can't even spell words or phrases properly. Provides quick explanation to friends and/or family for not being able to pick up calls or answer in long messages.
Friend texts: "Hey where r u?"
Me texting back: "TTTT"
Friend: "Oh k, talk 2 u 2moro. TC"

Girl 1 on Whatsapp: "Y didnt u ans me yest?
Girl 2 on Whatsapp: "I was totally TTTT! Could hardly hold my phone!"
by semiramida7 June 01, 2014
Together to the TOP!
Not about one person being at the top its about all of us!

by Watchuuname August 31, 2011
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