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A crying emoticon. The tops of the Ts are the eyes, and the stems are the tears streaming down the emoticon's face.
I suck! TT for me.
by Micah January 22, 2004
A truck tripod, or 'TT' is the word use to describe a humble camera tripod, but one built specifically for your truck or automobile. Despite the name 'Truck Tripod' ('TT'), the word by no means, means, the pod in question, is both used in a truck and has three legs, In actual fact a 'TT' can have just one 'leg' and be in a combine harvester or tank.

The shortened word it self, 'TT', was created by the YouTube and Internet sensation, ShayCarl, who was first to refer to the pod, of truckular variety, as a 'TT'. He created the word after realizing early in his daily Internet vlogs, that it was both difficult to steady a video camera whilst trucking, and could even be dangerous. Despite this, to this very day, Shay does not own a TT, a shocking revelation to the perils that may lie ahead for Shay whilst trucking, and vloging, at the same time.
ShayCarl: I am heading back home, just chucked some old granite counter scraps out of my truck whilst traveling at well over thirty five miles an hour, as fast as this babe will go! Hit a helpless old woman in the head too, probably killed her. Hahaha!

ShayCarl Again: Oh gees! This truck is really shaking at this speed, nearly doped you guys in my truck, 'My manly truck!'. I think it's definitely time for a TT. What do you guys think, I don't know, leave it in the comments below, OKAY BYE!
by SadnessWillSear April 25, 2010
Acronym for titty tattoo.
She has my name on one of her titties when she went to go get a titty tattoo.
by WHOTHEFUCK ARE YOU! March 30, 2010
Acronym, usually on IM
'Till Tomorrow
Julia: cya l8r!
Anna: tt!
by }:-) June 05, 2007
Twin Turbo. On an engine, if there are two Turbochargers, then the engine can be called a Twin Turbo.
The Lotus Esprit V8TT has a Twin-Turbo V8.
by Focal December 31, 2004
Noun or adjective
Trailer Trash. Can be used to refer to things that are of appeal to this demographic. Note that it is not essential for something or someone to actually be related to trailers or trailer parks for it to be TT, nor does having money or being rich preclude being TT, as TT is a state of mind. Used in conjunction with a deep-throated "yuuuup" to refer to the gutteral tough-guy voices often used by TTs (or given to them from years of smoking marlboros)
as an adjective: "That bar is pretty TT"
response: yyyuuuuuuuuppppppp

As a noun: "look at that TT." (referring to a mulleted gentleman)
by * July 04, 2004
"that time" of the month
Veronica is always freaking TT and she never stops!
by taco 1 January 28, 2011
is the abriviation of "thunder thighs" which is also the name of an audi car....
ohhh yeah look that those tt's yum yum
by dericky June 03, 2009
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