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A crying emoticon. The tops of the Ts are the eyes, and the stems are the tears streaming down the emoticon's face.
I suck! TT for me.
by Micah January 22, 2004
Expression of sadness or ownedness. Also used to make someone feel bad. Often placed after 'Pwned' or 'Owned'
Person A was killed by Person B
Person B: Owned
Person B: T.T
by pez June 26, 2003
thunder things
zack : wow that girl has TT
mark: i know! dayumm!
by yee6666 June 10, 2010
Acronym for titty tattoo.
She has my name on one of her titties when she went to go get a titty tattoo.
by WHOTHEFUCK ARE YOU! March 30, 2010
Acronym, usually on IM
'Till Tomorrow
Julia: cya l8r!
Anna: tt!
by }:-) June 05, 2007
a big and fat wrestler who thinks hes good but hes really not: also likes to whip out his penis whenever possible: can be hilarious at times
"That guy is hilarious!"

"He thinks hes sooooo good at wrestling but hes not."

"He didnt even make regions!"

"Hes such a TT."
by shupafly December 05, 2010
Abbreviation for turntables. In the DJing world, turntables are referred to as TTs or decks
The aspiring DJ went out and bought a pair of TTs.
by Dj Stranger March 30, 2006
Noun or adjective
Trailer Trash. Can be used to refer to things that are of appeal to this demographic. Note that it is not essential for something or someone to actually be related to trailers or trailer parks for it to be TT, nor does having money or being rich preclude being TT, as TT is a state of mind. Used in conjunction with a deep-throated "yuuuup" to refer to the gutteral tough-guy voices often used by TTs (or given to them from years of smoking marlboros)
as an adjective: "That bar is pretty TT"
response: yyyuuuuuuuuppppppp

As a noun: "look at that TT." (referring to a mulleted gentleman)
by * July 04, 2004

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