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A crying emoticon. The tops of the Ts are the eyes, and the stems are the tears streaming down the emoticon's face.
I suck! TT for me.
by Micah January 22, 2004
Abbreviation; too turnt
Yo I'm tt right now! Bitch got me doing the tt dance!
by Moe The Hitta May 18, 2015
Twin Turbo (force-fed via 2 turbochargers)
That 300zx Twin Turbo almost lost to the Supra TT.
by nczx September 06, 2006
Short for Trailer Trash, but that is never said; for it may offend. Describes; unclassy, cheesy, bizarre, redneck and funny people and things. It is to be used in a comical, not demeaning kind of way.
When I went to the Nascar race, I made sure to look extra T.T., so I wore my cutoff jean shorts, reebok classics, and Dale Jr. T-Shirt.
by Stephanie Kunze October 08, 2007
tissue/ tennis balls tits
she's got hairy pits and tissue tits

SHES got t.t
by bon_jovi March 28, 2007
short for saying,
"Tough titty says the kitty but the milks still good"..meaning tough.
TT for you!
by Devin December 02, 2003
Slang used on msn and chatrooms, usually used with BRB (be right back) to explain your going to the toilet. Stands for toilet time.
Yeah id love to. brb TT
by DaisyPants April 21, 2010
Tt is french and stands for tout wich means all or everything.
Tt le fille son belle.
All the girls are pretty.
by KaeseStulle May 27, 2010

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