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A band formed in Chicago IL. They describe themselves as Motley Crue without the music. Founded at a bordello show by 6 guys wearing a bizarre combination of leather, denim and hairspray they quickly descended into a pit of depravity.

These guys can be found anywhere bad decisions are being made.
Man, I ran into TSS at the bar the other day and they were TOXICALLY SHOKKING.
by D. Fang May 04, 2007
Acronym: This Shit Sucks
SN1: This class is pissing me off.
SN2: I know, man. TSS.
by Daisuke Matsuzaka April 17, 2007
Toxic Shock Syndrome; illness caused by leaving a tampon in too long
Ross Demay has T.S.S.
by Ron Golden October 01, 2003
Toxic Shock Syndrome- when a female leaves her tampon in too long. Doesn't happen every time you leave it in too long, but it's still not good. Tampon's should usually only be left in for 6-8 hours. Over night is also not the best thing. TSS is a harmful disease, and can cause death but not often.
"Sarah has TSS because she left her tampon in too long. Idiot."
by iheartyou October 29, 2005
A sound of irritation to be used when one is seriously annoyed.
Tss, you are so STUPID!
by Jessalicious April 09, 2003
means" That's what She" said but without the W beacuse it will just sound stupid
why is it every time i push it gets harder Cristina said, robert then replied with TSS, then cristina responed with a face plam to the face
by HeymanY2K June 09, 2010
TSS = Turbo Slut Syndrome.

TSS is the syndrome that causes a person to be a turbo slut, TS.
Rebecca suffers from TSS.
by Koinasake November 10, 2005
Acronym for The Screen Savers
TSS is a computer / technology television show on the G4TECHTV network.
by Qbert July 24, 2004