an abbreviation for that sucks dick while instant messaging
i decided to get serious about foot ball so i went to bed early and i decided i was gunna wake up early and run
i ran for 20mins and relized i made a huge mistake
so youve already slept
yea so im sweaty and tired but i cant sleep
by smiffin July 12, 2009
Top Definition
That's so deep
"Sup mate"
"fucked this chick last night"
"how was she?"
"dude tsd"
by TEBB January 19, 2013
This acronym stands for "tactical sperm dump". A tactical sperm dump is when a man masturbates shortly before having sex with a female friend so that he will last longer and not blow his load too quickly.
"So, are you going to take a TSD before you take her out then?"

"Yeah man, last time I just about made a baby."
by Maximum Meaning November 06, 2008
Totally Sweet Dudes- guys that put a lot of product in their hair, like to wear muscle shirts & drink protein shakes; they often drive a Honda or Mistubishi with a mod kit on it.
The T.S.D.s are all hanging out at the 7-11, revving their engines.
by Publius September 24, 2005
TSD (TechShot Digital) India, is a Digital Identity Management & information technology Services Company with presence in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.
The company TSD is based in India and has divisions at Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.
by tehcshot November 19, 2010
Sexy,cool person,handsome butt,has lots of muscles,nice face,big sex-appeal
that dude is almost as hot as TsD
by johny de grasponny September 24, 2004
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