Acronym for Tomato Sauce Brigade. A collective term for a northern English male who has a shaved head and wears a shellsuit and/or football strip from any northern division 3 clubs.

Enjoys copious amounts of tomato sauce on his chips and enjoys starting fights.
Are you soft or what mate.
by madtroll June 29, 2004
Top Definition
True story bro; A Variation to the popular "Csb" referring to: Cool story, bro.
Mike: I got anal probed by Matt and his friends last night
George: Nowai, you lie!
Mike: TSB!
by Kartilic February 06, 2010
acronym for Toxic Semen Buildup, which is what happens to you when you are not getting any for some time and your balls start to turn purple because of it **gg**

.... should make for a good excuse when your girlfriend is denying you your basic needs - but in reality, it hardly ever does. Women can be so cruel!! :-(
"Aw come on now, woman, you don't want me to get TSB, do you?!" -- "Get lost, there's no such thing!!"
by TheWizardOfLoss January 24, 2005
means 'tough shit bitch' or 'tough shit biatch', depending on the mood.
"Oh my god, im well annoyed, i can't go out this weekend!"
by ma93 July 10, 2008
an acronym for the phrase, "that's some bullshit!" or the alternate, "this is some bullshit."
guy - "holy shit! you're pregnant?!? TSBS!

girl - thanks for caring...
by therealthrock November 24, 2010
TSB - Tall, Skinny, Blonde. Usually generically good-looking, often achieved with extreme dieting and embracing of peroxide.
Some examples include Gwyneth Paltrow, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan
by CapeOmnius June 22, 2009
Turd Smoking Bastard

Someone who's breath smells of shit, usually called Richard
Richard you TSB.
Richard breathed in my face today and it stunk of shit, so I turned to my friend and called him a TSB and we all laughed hahahaha
by TTBadmanstraightottaCADCAM October 11, 2013
Text Sex Buddie
A Text Sex Buddie is usually unavailable, ie married/in a relationship, with whom you can share text porn without actually having to have an affair. Its completely acceptable in all modern day relationships! ;0)
"I'm not shagging him, his just my TSB!"
by Lou xx January 15, 2007
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