Trojan Rubber Works ( had large plant in El Segundo + Redondo beach California )
condoms were so tight engineers were unable to focus hubble telescope. trw parking used for mexican motel cholo.

alternate meaning trw The Right Way
by itichie_nocanpo June 24, 2006
Top Definition
An acronym for "Trigger Rob W...."

A TRW is a person who says triggering things, often in a social justice context, with little to no consideration for how their words affect others. This person may attempt to call out their own privilege, but falls short every time. They frequently speak over other people (without acknowledging the privilege that allows them to do so), make safe spaces uncomfortable, and may talk about things of a sexual nature at inappropriate times. They delight in calling people out on their (occasionally just imagined) prejudices, almost as though they were receiving money in return. A TRW seems to particularly enjoy speaking over women of color.
"Well you know I have a lot of dating privilege, I can go down the street and get a date, I can go to the club and get a date, I can go here and get a date..." -TRW

"Dude, don't be a TRW."


"You have a lot of internalized oppression. You're classist. You're really classist." -TRW

"No I'm not. Don't try and call me out like that, ugh, TRW."


"Well they see my size 13 shoes..." -TRW

"Spoken like a true TRW."
by Purple_Flying_Cat December 09, 2012
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