To Trust someone > Have faith in >
Something what is buildup by millimeters
and breakdown in meters..
( see also " Berlidan " )
by sLg January 26, 2004
Believing him when he says "It's over, hon." and not being bothered by all of his out of town business trips. HA!
It's a little room, with a little bed. You wouldn't be comfortable, trust me.
by The Optomistic Pessimist March 11, 2003
Chill out, relax; usually used by bloods, but also by others.
Girl: Yo! I don't want your number
Boy: Trust
by Jay Rock April 18, 2006
the defination is trust is two cannibles giving each other a blowjob
you're a bitch stick
by P.I.M.P December 13, 2004
Term to define a girl or girls who are cute/sexy/on fire!
Yo check behind you, maaaad trust.
by anonymous October 10, 2004
Knowing that no matter what happens, that a person will always be there for you. The most important thing in a relationship. Something worth fighting for. Our greatest power and weakness.
"I trust you, please don't make me regret it."
"You wont regret it, I promise."
by Seasea1011 June 02, 2016
Knowing that a person will always have your back no matter what happens.
The thing we fight the most for.
we trust the army will keep us safe
by Seasea1011 June 03, 2016
Agreeing with what someone just said.

Mostly used by Stoners.
Friend1: Damn She got a Fat ass
Friend2: Trust
by Bee_Kay April 05, 2015
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