To Trust someone > Have faith in >
Something what is buildup by millimeters
and breakdown in meters..
( see also " Berlidan " )
by sLg January 26, 2004
Putting faith to someone's word
1. Cannibals who trust eachother do 69
2. If your trust a cannibal, let them go down on you
by A fat ginger June 20, 2010
something that should be for sale in shops.
give me half an ounce of trust biatch
by sean walkington March 10, 2004
To cum.
The act of climaxing during masturbation.


"Last night, my girlfriend and I took it to the next level. There was so much trust between us."

"Does anyone else have a pair of socks that they trust in?"

"I trust in my father very much, however I trust in my mother the most."

"My friends are the greatest, thanks to them, I've got so much trust on my hands."

Guy 1: "Why do you always eat yogurt?"
Guy 2: "Reduces the chance of colon cancer."
Guy 1: "Are you sure about that?"
Guy 2: "I trust in my yogurt."
Guy 1: "Maybe you should trust your colon."

"You've got some trust on your face."
by werdna250.. June 29, 2010
Something lost by a politician or prime minister upon offering beautiful and high sounding promises to a nation and then taking that nation to unnecessary and barbaric war.

It is lost not only by the individual, but by all individuals in that society.

And the greater the trust, the greater the loss.
Since Abu Ghraib, I just don't trust anyone anymore...
by Premasagar April 26, 2005
1. To excitedly agree with; absolutly; definatly. 2. Said when extremely excited
"Dude, she's mad hot."
- "Trust!"

"Wanna get drunk tonight?"
- "Trust!!"
by Hannon November 28, 2005
Believing him when he says "It's over, hon." and not being bothered by all of his out of town business trips. HA!
It's a little room, with a little bed. You wouldn't be comfortable, trust me.
by The Optomistic Pessimist March 11, 2003
Chill out, relax; usually used by bloods, but also by others.
Girl: Yo! I don't want your number
Boy: Trust
by Jay Rock April 18, 2006

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