Someone who makes senseless noise on a conference.
Who the hell is troning out the conf?
by Murd0c August 21, 2003
Somthing that people know is real but no one has ever seen or heard of it.
Could I have some of those trons?
by Buster January 14, 2004
the trillest muthafucka i know. she is fuckin legit man .. fukin legit!
tron is my niggete mang!

oNe tRoN!
by EpiDeMiK March 28, 2005
A word modifier to suggest amandas obesity
by AdrianHernandez February 20, 2003
The deck no one ever plays anymore.

"Blue Urzatron" is/was an infamous deck used in the popular TCG Magic: the Gathering, in the old Type 2 format. (All sets from the Eighth Edition and up. The current Type 2 as of this writing is Champions of Kamigawa through Ravnica:City of Guilds sets of cards.)

It is typhically based around the "Urza" land cards, basically lands with the word "Urza" in their name, combined with a lot of overpowered expensive cards in an obnoxious way. It was also probably used in every single major tournament, and hated by people who can't afford/don't know how to use it.

Anyone who runs Blue Urzatron in the current format at the time of this writing probably has no idea what they are doing.
"It's Tron!"
"The deck no-one ever plays any-more!"
by T3hBez November 19, 2005
A hacker urban legend, when the CIA executed a man in germany from the CCC and left him hanging from a tree. The term now means you are going to be in alot of trouble from the spooks. The "don" of the spook world.
"oh fuck, the tron is out to get me"
by netric March 05, 2005
an alternate term for beef jerky, often found in 7-11's and other convenience store
This tron tastes like dog food.
by sergeantpress May 04, 2005
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