Abbreviation, short for gravitron, (i.e. Gravity bong, GB, Bucket bong, Ghetto bong)
Travis: I got SOOOOOOOOO HIGH of that one tron.
Marko: Lightweight
by Da Gorilla October 24, 2006
Abbreviation for TRace ON. Created in the 70s, probably, using BASIC computer code. When TRON was executed a window would come up indicating the line number being run by the program at that moment.
Used in debugging programs.
Hey, wow, I forgot I could use TRON to figure out where the bugs are!!
by Greg Van Arsdale May 12, 2005
1: One who possesses megahertz.
2: A suffix that can be combined with any word to form nicknames or insults.
1: Owlatron, baby...16 megahertz!
2: Eat me, Fagotron.
by Woadie McChoaderson December 19, 2002
A noun of any description, especialy useful when you have forgot the word you wanted to use.

In pontoon (blackjack) a word to use instead of "twist" (hit)
"Can someone answer the tron"
"Pass me the tron"

In pontoon, (dealer) "tron or stick?" (player) "tron"
by Cobs October 10, 2005
the act of smoking cannabis; either through a pipe or in a blunt.
Lets go drive around and tron.

Lets get our tron on.
by Dilla April 12, 2007
A device that one uses to spit excess tobacco juices when packing a lip of fresh skoal.
"Yo, do you have a tron in your car? I need to pack a fattie 'cause I'm fiending."
by don tronson March 04, 2005
I really don't fucking know. The 12th dimension of some crazy shit.
Damn, that shit was tr0n!
by MeowMixer October 05, 2004

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