Stemming from the name of Chappelle's harlem maestro, has now become derogatory sland for those of African American descent. More specifically refers to those African Americans who choose to celebrate their heritage by appearing more African. Often accented by, but distinguished from, the term "nog." The terms are distinguished in that "tron" is either a noun or adjective, while "nog" serves as a noun, adjective, and verb.
"Casey is a tron"

"Look! An executive tron..."

"That tron has a lot of shoes"

by WhitePower1983 October 27, 2008
put at the end or every day words for no reason at all but to make it funny.
walmart: waltron
mom: momtron
by Tomanda February 19, 2003
high power marijuana, an abbreviated derivitive of "chronic".
dis shit is da tron gah...
by Anonymous April 21, 2003
Used as a substitute for "video games", a verb for the act of playing video games, or as a title for someone currently playing video games.
"Today I swung by the local Play n' Trade and picked up some new tron."

"Dustin can't talk right now, he's tron."

"I'm not sure if I should tron or just go to bed."
by itsateben May 22, 2009
Cocaine. Plain and Simple.
Let's party! Where's the tron?
or Kurty sure likes his tron doesn't he.

Adjective Form: Tronned

It's 10 a.m. and you're still awake?! You're tronned aren't you!

A heavy Tron user can be refered to as:

MegaTron, Tronald McDonald, Tronald Trump, Count Tronula.
by Beefester November 07, 2006
"Come on over to the party, there's gonna be beer, bitches, and Tron."
by Tommy March 25, 2003
tron is a way tighter word for lighter. also can be called lightro or trons
yo pass the tron so i can light this b
by aaron fullwiler January 18, 2008
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