Jackie Chan looking individual who bullies alliances. Also appears to be young and should be carded at all times. Favorites include Rashad and Raisin Bran.
Shit did you see what Tron did? He totally bullied TCase into opening his gates
by CcJC January 31, 2014
Male who likes another males features.

A man who says a homosexual statement.
Something a Tron would say: "How long is it"?

" My name is Shon"

Dam your such a Tron.

Your running like Tron
by Swooshx13x November 01, 2011
going ballistic past the point of ham, and wild'n the fuck out on niggas!!
Yes you may have an example........ Matt: " Yo that nigga went ham."

Sethy P: "Nah brah that nigga went TRON on his ham ass."
by PAPA SMURF 1909 January 05, 2011
Geek nick name for Electrons.
When that radar turns on watch out or you'll get zapped with some serious Trons.
by Electron, Nerditorium, Physics March 02, 2011
The word Tron is often used to replace the words "cool", "nice", and "awesome". This saying was coined by Sean M. Beck of Harveys Lake, Pennsylvania.
Dude, those new kicks you bought are so Tron.
by BeckTronDude December 29, 2010
A word that can be used in place of another word within a sentence to keep passerby's from understanding the conversation. It can be used to replace more than one word to further complicate the sentence.
Guy 1: "Dude, lets go tron that window at old Jenkins house!"
Guy 2: "Nah, lets get some tron from a tron and then tron it in your basement."
Guy 1: "Thats a brilliant idea! Oh wait! Lets go tron that amazing tron off the intranet and then tron while we tron the tron!"
Guy 2: "Why, thats a stupendous idea!"
by VoltaStudios November 25, 2009
Originated from the one black Transformer, Jazz, member of the Autobots. To be a Tron is to enjoy fried chicken, waking up no earlier then 1:00pm on any given day and going to sleep after smoking a blunt no earlier then 5:00am, not holding any job and or doing any productive activities other then playing XBOX360.
That guy is such a lazy ass Tron.
by Twiggy Bambi August 19, 2008

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