The single-richest man in the world. As seen on Chappelle's Show - Reparations Episode.
"The richest man in the world is no longer Bill Gates, but a Harlem man, known simply as 'Tron.' Is that your son, Tron?"
"Nah, I bought this baby CASH! I'm RIIIIIIICH!"
by Greg February 04, 2005
the suffix that makes any person/place/thing cool as hell sounding. Sometimes the root word must be modified or added on -o- on to make it even cooler
the swimming pool-o-tron
easy bake oventron
by Graham January 01, 2004
absolute ownage and wrecking of a some sonofabitch, beating them to a bloody pulp, and destroying everything, no chance of recovery, 100% fatal, tron and ham coincide as you need ham (hard ass mode) to execute tron. may injure person doing tronning.
I will tron your fucking face off!!!
Prepare to get tronned like no other!!!
I will tron the fuck out of your sorry ass!
Time to go fucking TRON!!!!
by chubbs40 November 29, 2010
A guy who would rather hang out with his girl rather than chill with the boys
Scali wont be hanging out tonight, hes being a tron with robyn
by Jake Bake February 19, 2009
a backwards snort (snorting while breathing out)usually done while laughing, and may hurt if done too strongly. it is done in the nose area and sometimes rumbles.
omg, i just tronsed and it hurt so bad!
by hannah__________________________ November 05, 2005
TRON - trwan Verb. To walk in front of someone whilst passing gas, causing them to unwittingly walk into the fart trail.
Sentence: "Dude! OMG... did you just TRON me?"
by Shabliz December 28, 2011
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