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TRNC stands for the "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus", which is an unrecognized nation-state formed by the Turkish Cypriot population continuously living on this small Eastern Mediterranean island since 1571. The historical evolution of the republic is as follows:

Due to the fall of the Ottoman Empire in early 20th century, the sovereignty of Cyprus was hijacked by the British Empire, not to be returned until 1960. The Republic of Cyprus, formed in 1960 as a structurally federal partnership republic between Greek and Turkish Cypriots, could only survive for three years and was destructed by the Greek terrorist organization, EOKA, which started terrorizing the Turkish Cypriot population in an attempt to achieve union with Greece. After 11 years of suffering, Turkish Army used its guarantor power embedded in the Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus in order to intervene militarily and save the Turkish Cypriot population from genocide. After geographical separation of the the island in 1974, the "Turkish Federated State of Cyprus" was formed in 1975 for the purpose of facilitating the formation of a new state of affairs based on political equality of the two peoples of Cyprus. However, for another 9 years, Greek Cypriots rejected (and still keep rejecting) the formation of a new republic and instead insist on the continuation of the Republic of Cyprus and offer minority rights to Turkish Cypriots. As a result of this, Turkish Cypriots declared independence and formed the TRNC in 15 November 1983 in order to signal to the world that a new state of affairs need to be based on a two-state foundation. TRNC, though internationally unrecognized, represents the free will of the Turkish Cypriot people and their struggle for survival in the island of Cyprus.
The simplest definition of the Cyprus conflict is that there are two distinct communities living on the island, namely the Turkish and the Greek Cypriot communities with deep roots in history directly involving their respective motherlands, Turkey and Greece. The conflict emanates from the Greek and Greek-Cypriot aspirations and acts aiming at the annexation of the island to Greece after the annihilation of the Turkish-Cypriot community. The Turks are, naturally, determined to prevent such an annihilation and the annexation of the island to Greece, and the formation of the TRNC is a mere representation of this dedication.
by thehegemon August 24, 2006
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