Toyota Racing Division
I put some TRD parts in my 86.
by mosrite December 08, 2003
Top Definition
Typical Rockhurst Douche Bag. Describes an asshole who thinks he is better than everyone else. Usually seen with a backwards hat, a popped collar and his varsity letterman jacket. Usually a jock you just goes to the school to play sports and is not really Catholic.
1.(TRD)- Hey you kids from North, get the fuck out of here this is a Rockhurst party only.
2. I'm sick of that guy's shit. Lets go knife that TRD's cunt ass.
by Nick C. W. April 20, 2008
Toyota Racing Development
a subdivision of toyota that makes aftermarket parts for toyota vehicles.
by s6arface April 05, 2004
treatment resistant depression
"He turned out to have TRD."
by Poxet May 22, 2016
Total Road Domination
i have trd parts on my tundra
by G-Rawk July 06, 2006
TRD stands for ' the real deal'
Ever spend any time in So-Cal--The Real Deal-- this is a term you need to know--not just for text, it's really used in everyday speech- Q: " did you see that chicks rack?" A: "Yup TRD!"
by dagodog November 04, 2009
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