Todd Perry Girl
Friend: Whose Tpg?
Myself(response): Ya know, that ugly ass girl who looks like Todd Perry, but she's a girl... yea, at Apponequet Highschoo, she's obsessed with Hannibal, the bitch is fucked up.
by Mr. Matthew Leach June 16, 2004
Top Definition
1. n. An ISP offering affordable unlimited broadband plans. Unfortunately, many web servers are not accessible by TPG users.

2. abbr. Thumbnail Porn Gallery. Users can browse a table of small thumbnails, which when clicked enlarge, filling their screen with scum.
"That TPG is filth."
by pextroboy May 13, 2006
tea party gangsta's
"Hey! tpg's in the back of the room. Shut up"
by kwaad October 07, 2008
stands for trailer park group
damn those tpg's are chillin as always
by lz95 April 25, 2013
A motorcycle centered group in the MD/VA area mainly known for: their willingness to give frank opinions without concern of possible hurt feelings, their ability to ride extremely technical back roads at a high rate of speed and their ever growing presence at local racetracks. Many feel the meaning of TPG is secret, but in reality most people just don't ever ask. Originally given the name "The Problem Group" as an insult by one such person who was offended by the group's open criticism, the name has since been adopted and the group has since grown significantly both in number and ability.
Damn, I tried to keep up on that TPG ride and totalled my bike.
by BrownWhale January 30, 2011
A terrible priest on the US server Lothar :)
TPG stands for "Thepriestguy"
He's terrible in shadow and disc
TPG is so bad!
Yea I know and he trolls trade from time to time
by His biggest fan :) June 29, 2010
Thrushed Pussy Gorilla
-1.' Internets down again, fucking TPG'
-2.'Whats wrong with my router?.. TPG lol'
-3.'I was just attacked by a TPG'
-4.'I would rather fuck a TPG than stay on hold with this one'
by m3xical February 25, 2009
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